Thik Polka…the band ( now known as Polka Band Gobi)

When you hear the words THIK POLKA your immediately think of one of the biggest Polka Bands in the U.S. and standing with a group of your best friends in some concert hall or outdoor stadium or at a friends wedding in a small hall and yelling, “We want TP, we want TP” . You think of Yosh doing his accordion solo for Dark Side of the Moon. You think of cabbage rolls and Lederhosen and of you watching your mum making you a special batch of pierogies...with cheese and potatoes. Every time we think of Thik Polka we think of all those times, each and every one of us.

This site has not been long in the making and is a tribute to the world’s best Polka Band…”Thik Polka” ( or TP for short) a band that I and so many have followed and loved and treasured for many dozens of years. When you look back on the history and fame of Thik Polka, the band, what imediately comes to mind to so many people is a band that ;

1) Made Lederhosen popular to people in all walks of life.
2) That the phrase “ where’s the TP” has a whole new meaning to music lovers everywhere.

Thik Polka’s history is known to many and does not bear repeating other than to state that when everyone thought the story ended…it just began. While on the final dates of their Upper Western New York State World tour, Thik Polka left their accordions in their hotel room and left a note for their nephew, explaining their absence. In this note, it was explained that they were tired of all the fame of all the glory and were off to India to search and to discover the “Perfect Polka”, to find the source of the Polka and then to play the perfect polka at the Taj Mahal. Through these pages I hope to bring to life, the journey of Thik Polka (now known in India as Polka Band Gobi)and their search. Prior to leaving for India, TP developed a strong bond with a Mr. Kumar of Mysore India and Kumar I am sure will be an invaluable resource for Polka Band Gobi
p.s."Gobi" means cabbage in Hindi


Saturday, March 31, 2018


Surprise , surprise .  We, Stan and I were so surprised but first lets me backs up and tell you the story of our surprise .  We, the band..the Polka Band Gobi band also known as "The Band" to those in the knows did a surprise concert for all our fans in East Tonawanda last week .  Imagine this...you are playing your accordion...the crowd is going wilds with the polka music  and coming out of the audience are the president and vices president of the East Tonawanda chapter of Polka Band Gobi.
With their new tshirts of our WORLDS TOUR!!.   They requested their favorite polka song, Born to be Wilds...and we played it till our fingers bled. And then these two fans took us to a restaurant for
perogies and we felt we had gone to Polka heaven.  True polka fans are special as you can see...they are a special kind of peoples  .  We are now back in Morocco.

Yosh and Stan ( the man)

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Hots off the t-shirt maker man

I don't have all the words to say how excited and how happiness we are with our new Worlds Tour T Shirt.   So you say the words on how happiness you are with this new Worlds Tour T Shirt...You wills be seeing this around all over the place as our fans are buying these so fast...faster than Yosh plays his fingers on the accordion!!! true


Monday, February 19, 2018



Imagine playings to your worldwide fans.  Going into the nights and have them going very wilds with the polka music and watching Yosh play the accordion and the whole time the polka music is beatings in your heart and their heat beats .  And then imagine walking the streets to feed your polka heart with some good Moroccan food  And imagine you finds the perfect place to do this feeding   We fed our polka hearts beats in  Casa...at this place...

the McTurco!!  Not as good as perogies...but close.

Yosh and Stan

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Our gig in Meknes Morocco

We are a hip Polka band this is a true things. Hips says so much about the polka life we live...the fans...the ..so many things too many to mention.  If I mention all the hip things it would be so many things.  It would fill up many pages of books if I were to say all the things about the polka life.   If you look hard you may see Stan carrying the accordions to our gig in Meknes. This big building is a train station and since we want to be with the fans and the peoples we travel by the train.  Good trains in Morocco.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wave to Yosh

Yes...that is Yosh wavings at me from the window.  He is a wild man this Yosh is.

And yes to all the questions we are getings from our many fans from around the

Yes...we are back in the Sahara !!!  We, Yosh and Stan ( that is me) decided we
needed to once again, find our roots and this time I thinks we really did.  I did not know we
lost our roots till we find them.  
Thanks to you, our many loyal PBG fans and remember to listen
to that Polka beets in your hearts.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Our photographer

Life on the Polka road is the road most traveled...so many fine peoples walk this road and some even run on this road.  We drive this road and it is a fun road to drive on when there are no ruts or nails on it that stick in your tires. We wants you fine peeps of PBG to see our permanent photo lady.  She travels with PBG and I can't say what famous polka magazines she used to work for ...but...hints..hints...does Polka Today ring any bells...Here she is in the Sahara with us while we
enjoy our life off the road.  There are no nails in the Sahara....
Yosh /  Stan

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I don't have the words....I will lets the article speaks for me


Monday, October 27, 2014


Not many peoples can say they were at Ricks Americano Cafe Casablanca when Polka Band Gobi brought the house down. This is not  the Rick's Cafe in Casablanca, this is the Americano Ricks, the other Ricks.  We brought it down ...all the ways to downtown.   Just so you know we did find ourselfs in the desert. This I am sure you want to know .  We carries  on  to bring the perfect polka to one and everyones and to you too. This is true.  I will find the newspaper article that will let you know how we rocked this gin joint.   Gets ready to find this out.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014


We found us on the Road to Marrakech and in the Sahara. Yes we did.

Yosh says to me ( Stan)... I reads that some bands go back to their roots  and we needs to go
back to our roots.  Yosh, what do you means by roots, I ask him ( Yosh) and he ( Yosh) says to me
...Stan...don't be  a stupid man.  Our roots...our polka roots...Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Iggy and all the bands that love us... and follow us...we need to get to our roots.
I say okay, lets get to our roots.  I know our roots are near and we will find these things of this I am a sure thing.

So here we are, practicing to all the crowds .  We are insides this place .  We are the house band
This is where we will find our roots.  We play .  We sing.  We plays the polka..we are Polka Band Gobi and no other polka band and can say that!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


The Grammies....we came, we saw, we gets the tea-shirts.
You must have seen us in the audience with our accordions.  ? Yes?

And we come back to our home to where the polka beat is strong.
Marrakech and the Sahara...oh how we  missed the Sahara...the sand,
the water...


Saturday, November 2, 2013


When you thinks of innovation most every persons thinks of Polka Band Gobi..we are known for this, yes we are. We want to shows you the cover for our brand new  Polka album...THE WHITE ALBUM ! How abouts that for innovativeness!. An album just called the White Album, who would evers have thoughts of this idea ?

Yosh and Stan, that is who has thoughts of this and this says a lots about us two ( or three if you count another person or two and don't forget our new drummer who sure knows how to add that Cuban drum beat to our Polkas.)

We records this album to our almost sold out crowds while we were in the Sahara. We thinks this is the first time the Polka was played in the Sahara... yes we do think this thought.  And we do think of other thoughts from time to time too.

Can you imagines playing Back in the USSR with our accordions and our new drummer in the desert.  I bet you can.

Yosh and Stan
Keep on Polkaing in the free world

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We found us in the Atlas Mountain Place

You know how it is. We have all been theres.  You play the Polka and you plays the Polka for days on end. The fans they go really wild like. They can't get enough of the Polka music but  you do need to take a  break from all the polka playing and you go away to find yourself. So we went to the Atlas mountains to find us.We looked and looked and I think we found us somewheres in the mountains.
We did that in Morocco, yes we did this. This is me ( Yosh) and Stan and our numbero uno polka fan in the Atlas mountains looking for ourselves.  We saw ourselves in the distance far away and I want you to see us looking for us.

Keep on Polkaing in the Free World


Thursday, June 27, 2013



Wow!  how many ways can you spell WOW, and did you know that WOW spelled backwards is still
"WOW."  Amazing fact for you Polka fans . Anyways I had to pass on to your this article from the news.
Stan and me had to keep this secret as many international attorney and legal peoples were working out
the contracts and other things legal on this
So get ready to join us on our World Wide Polka Tour
Listen to the Polka in your heart or as Stan says; listen to the Polka in your heart beats."


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

On the Atlas Roads Again

When you are on the Road you do have times to think, yes this is true.  And you have to turn off the Polka Music in your head to do this.

Our manager Mr Vindallo set up  a world tour stop in the Sahara.  This is a hots place.  We brought the polka to the Sahara there are not many others of the polka bands who can say this.  That is the fact Mr Jacks.!

So we have been thinking of adding a new member.  We haves a new drummer man.  We need to thinks of adding a guitar man to the accordion section.  Mr Vindallo says a guitar man wants to join us .  We are thinking if we should.  Mr Vindalloo says Ritchie will be the hots thing since sliced cabbage...we are not so sure.  So we think and we think and and then we listen to the polka music in our head.

Yosh and Stan

oh...the phooto is a roadie taking a break for a Coca Cola

Monday, December 24, 2012

More news that is hots.

The polka, she has influenced so many peoples in so many countries.  I think if there was no accordion, there would be no music anywheres. This is true I believe it to be so.

 Stan and Yosh we  are happy men.  We play the Sahara and we meets so many polka fans out here, this is a fact and not surprising at all .  As you know the Polka has influenced all the musics of the world . 
Now listen to this , of all the tents in all the world who do we meets here....a true polka fan man who does tv shows  and who comes  to the Sahara just to meet us and who wants to come aboard our
Polka Train to places somewhere near to you. He sings, he dances and he has the polka in his heart .  Mr Irnee is his name and he now is  parts of  the PBG World Tour Band.  He does interviews.

Yosh / Stan
Polka Band Gobi

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Gets ready all you POLKA BAND GOBI fans.  Gets to ready for some hots news to follow.  Hint..Hint..We rock the Kashbah...we rock the Sahara...we rocks many more places on our NW Africa World Tour , so gets ready for more news and stay tuned in to this station place.
Yosh and Stan

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Help Yosh and Stan find this Groupie Person

Do you know who this is, anyones? yes
I am askings for all of our loyal fans supports to see if you can
tell Stan and Yosh who this fan is.  She sometimes shows up in the audience at some of our POLKA BAND GOBI World Tour Polka gigs. Sometimes she dances by herself wearing Polka Band Gobi  Lederhosen and rocks to the Polka and sometmes she stands in the front  row and then after the show she is not theres to see . . We saw her  in Timor last month at our Friday show where we rocked the house to our polka versions of Pink Floyd and we think we  spots her in Suva Fiji . We thinks we did  and also perhaps  in some other country somewheres.  We are bringing the Polka to a town nears to you so we wander all over to many places and she shows up at most of them.  Kumar says she is a polka groupie and to tells the truth, Stan and I see how this could be so.  Yes we do. 
Oh, we have this phooto as she sent it to us and she signed it
as "biggerst PBG Fan."  Help us find out who she is.


Monday, April 30, 2012

Roadies for Polka Band Gobi

Have you evers seen such smiling mens??of course not you haven't.  Rather than talk about us we want to shows you the men behind the famous Gobi Polka Band.  The road men or roadies that make it all happen, who work from mid day sun to later mid day sun, flat out to put the shows on the road that make us so famous as we are today.  I show you the Roadies for Polka Band Gobi.  I show them to you at play and getting ready to play. 
Yosh and Stan

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Guess where we just were.?  This is a hint from our luggage tag.  Where we were starts with the letters P and ends with the letter O,
And believe this or believe it, but after our concert many fine peoples said they were going to start a Pago Pago Polka Band. 


Friday, July 22, 2011


When you tour the World with your Polka Band and when you travel to all the hots spots you have tastes for the good lives. We do have this tastes and we taste the good life , yes we do and we highly recommend this tasting. This is our hotel in Suva Fiji and you can see we do know the high life. Yes. We sold out the hotel and now the Polka lives on in Fiji.
As the famous song says. The song that we end all our shows with by that Mr Young man.
"Keep on Polkaing in the Free World."

Yosh and Stan

Thursday, June 30, 2011


We all know what it is like on a Polka World Tour. The endless nights sleeping in your tut tut van, the fans going so wilds , the moment on stage when your accordion goes flat and you miss the low notes ( and high notes and sometimes the mid notes too!) and the endless press questions  about your life before you were such a famous polka band. In the middle of this world tour I took a phooto from a train window (the tut tut went went so we tooks a train to our next gigs in Bali) of a fine lady standing by a bench and on this bench was written.....looks, see for yourselves what it says.  We have such fine fans everywhere, this, it is so true. It was so amazing as our tour manager, Mr Vindaloo booked a whole car for us and we just wowed the peoples in Indonesia with our polka music.  After we finished cleaning the car and putting away all the dishes from the restaurant car we had so much time to play our polka music

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

World Tour Will Start Here

Look at our Tour Man, (Mr Gobi Man for shorts) in some far away place wowing the crowd(s ) with his Gobi Band T Shirts.  As reported in our last post, Mr Gobi Tour Man is scouting out locations for our
World Tour. We are thinking of starting our World Tour here in this country at this location. It is Peru and that is in South America. Notice his Polka Band Gobi t shirt.

Mr Tour man has also let us know that in Peru, the peoples are just so excited about the Polka and  he has been playing excerpts for them of  our polka  music  (on his accordion).  He has assured us that we can pack this location for our tour with many many tens of hundreds or so of fans.

Peru....get ready to go to Polka Town......

Yosh and Stan

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Polka Band Gobi Tour Manager...a Wild Child

Here is our new Tour Manager we call him "The Tour Man." You see him here practicing his polka at the Taj. He is dancing to that famous polka song by Iggy, called The Wild Child. We are getting ready for the Polka Band Gobi World Polka Tour, and we will be travelling all around the world to bring the polka to the many millions of peoples here. . (We had a world tour at one time but we only played in Western NY State in places like Tonawanda and Lackwona but this World Tour is the Real Deal. For Real!.)

We will be coming to a country near to you in the futures and all because of our new Tour Man. He is a Polka fanatic ! He wil be travelling all around the world , our Tour Manager will be setting up our tour dates in every country there is and soon Mr Tour Man will be in Fiji and Bali as these will be the starting dates for our Polka World Tour. I will keep you up to date on our tour with the Tour Man. We may even play in New Jersey which as you all know is a very famous polka place. This is so exciting...can you imagine playing on the beaches of Suva Fiji at sundown with the tide rolling in and the crowds going wild for the polka. Easy to imagine yes! Mr Sting did a song about the beaches of Bali and you have not heard nothing yes until you hear this song to a polka beat. Get ready...we are coming to a country near to you soon

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meet the Senior vice President

The senior vice president of the Eastern Section
of the New Delhi chapter of the Polka Band Gobi fan club.
Not to be confused with the Western section of the old city of
Delhi fan club chapter.

I will lets you in on a secret, yes I will, this is Mr Vindaloo's
sister and she is the one who did the special design for our
shirts and I just had to let you know.

Her name is Lydia.

Her name means happiness.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our nephew sent us this news clippings

Our nephew from Tonawanda sent to us this news clippings and I wanted you to see it too! This is very exciting for all polka fans everywhere...I can't wait to see all my Polka friends and by the times they get heres we will be playing at the Taj..yes we will.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Agnes Birthday Polka Song

( sing lively and to the polka beats)


Roll out the perioges, and we’ll have
perioges of fun.
Dance to the Agnes polka and you’ll have
the glooms on the run
With the Agnes birthday polka
you’ll always be standing in the sun
So dance to this polka and your joys
will never be underdone!!! rah rah

Yosh , Stan, Kumar and Yayma

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Very Famous Actress is Gobi Fan...it is true!

I think most of you know the area of Greater Noida, just south of Noida which is just south of New Delhi. I mention this as this is this is a photo of a very very famous actress who if you saw her face you would recognize her immediate. We had just finished our gig outside of Noida and this actress came up and had us (all of us in the band) sign her t shirt for her. That is right, it is the Gobi Band t shirt. ! We had to take her photo. And she said her favorite polka song was that Iggy Pop Wild Child song that we are so famous for...so we played it special for her and we polka'd the house downtown. And as a favour for her, we did Dark Side of the Moon....she was in raptures.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Gobi shoulder bag is HOT new fashions

My cousins Bohunk and Hunkie ( real names Yashi and Frankie) sent me this photo taken at a Polka festival in Lakawanah New Jersey ( or someplace close to that) and could not believe that Polka Band Gobi's fame has passed far and wider than ever before...so I wanted to pass this on to all our polka fans all over the world. The last time I saw shoulder bags for sale of Gobi was at Kumar's place in New Delhi...he must be sending them far and wide due to the high demand.
Get yours now

For Hips Peoples..Get yours now .. Gobi shirts

You may notice as your wander the malls of Delhi and New Delhi the latest fashion wears on the younger generation of Polka fans. Just stop on in to Kumar's place in the Sadar Bazar and let him know Yosh sent you and he will give you a very special deal on our new and "hip" Polka Band Gobi tshirts. Show your love of the polka and of Polka Band Gobi

Get yours now or get them tomorrow,( tomorrow would be okay to get them too.)

Yosh and Stan

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Polka Band Gobi Tuk tuk

We are going to been having our own Polka Bus! That is right, for our World Tour in India we are having our own Tuk Tuk painted. This is the place where we are having our tuk tuk painted and as soon as it is done I will show you a picture of it. There almost will be enough room for us and the accordions...a bit more to work out on this , so get ready. You are either on the polka bus or off the polka bus.

I think we found ourselves

I am sure there have been many persons of wonderment asking each others these question,"Where have Polka Band Gobi gone ? Where are Yosh and Stan and Yamya? How do I get on the Polka wagon with them? All sorts of questions. All questions will be answered very soon. We found ourselves somewhere. We went to look for us and we found us. Our good friend Kumar told us to look for the real Polka in ourselves and we did do this, yes we did. And when we did this, we saw the Polka in our heart and it led us to us. I found myself...I am pretty sure I did, I think I did this. .
There is so much new news...a planned World Tour in the Delhi area...and so much more...so stay tuned for the latest

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mr Vindaloo's Mother...Kala Vindaloo!!

Mr Vindaloo as you know is our Roadie Man..he loves the polka and he does march to the polka beat. This fine lady here is Kala Vindaloo and she is our personal chef and you may remember her as the fine lady who first took us in when we arrived in new Delhi. She is also Mr Vindaloo's mum. She is such a fine cook too. Maybe a bit too much curry on our vegetarian cabbage rolls, but other than that she is a fine chef lady. I am going to get some of her recipes and put them in a cook book and it will be a big seller I am sure everywhere.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kumar, an oscar in his future?

Lets celebrate with some Diet Fanta Orange as Kumar has hit the time big and if things go right could go up for an oscar I bet...sometime..maybe. Kumar along with being our manager is now very famous for being in a scene of a movie that is now a big big hit. If you look closer in a scene of a big big movie you may see Kumar. Our manager, Kumar was doing some peeka boo scouting at the Taj for our upcomming Taj polka festival ( in the plan stages) and some movie was doing the film and he may be in one of the scenes at the Taj. This is a big movie about millionaires and if you look closer in one scene you probably saw someone with a diet orange fanta...that was Kumar! ...at the Taj!. Now this photo(on this page) Kumar took and he was in Agra going about his peek a boo business and he took this so I will pass it onto you. These children had heard about Polka Band Gobi so Kumar told them it won't be too long till they see this band at the Taj. As a note added, I don't think Kumar will go to Hollywood for the oscar party as he has some shows to manage here for Polka Band Gobi, but due to all the requests of the many fans on where Kumar is/was...this is the latest on Kumar. Yes, he is getting famous, just like Yosh and Stan.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Nagla Dhimar...hot of the press

Oopah...I think our roadie man Mr Vindaloo forgot to put the dates down for all of our many polka fanatics and so here we go on where we all will play, first off...Nagla Dhirmar on Thursday... Maithan on Friday and Dayal Baghon on Tuesday. I am sure you can see all of you from our tour dates that we are getting much closer to the Taj and our goal, our wish yes it is, of playing inside the Taj . Is this not also a very good article on Polka Band Gobi and our playing in Nagla Dhimar. This was just the other day ( look at the date on page to see this). Our Mr Vindaloo is a busy man handling all the requests for Polka Band Gobi, I am sure his mother is very very proud of him.

दौरे तिथियाँ ( Tour Dates)

Mr Vindaloo writing for Yosh and Stan. Thank you it is my pleasure to give you our dates upcommings. Mr Yosh said that a big big fan in New Jersey and a big fan in Florida wanted our tour schedule. Here is our tour dates where ...polka band gobi will polka the house downtown !!!

1 पोल्का बैंड gobi घर शहर पोल्का जाएगा

2 Malthan सोमवार Nagla Dhimar

3 बुधवार दयाल बाग शुक्रवार

Looks forward to seeing you.

Mr Vindaloo

Friday, January 23, 2009

Call me "Mister Vindaloo"

Yosh here, to bring you up to date

This fine man ( really true and for really) loves the Polka and when he heard us play at the
Baldi festival he came aboard the Polka Train and is now our "roadie manager" . I can see that with Mr Vindaloo we are going to Polkatown!!
So one and all, meet Mister Vindaloo one of our biggest fans ( and we do have so many fans it is true),

Friday, October 24, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Newspaper story from Gungsuh Times! on PBG

Yashi here.
There was a newspaper an article about our playing the polka festival at Baldi . Many fine things were said about PBG ( Polka Band Gobi) . I will get copy of newspaper article for you. It was a raving article and I think many people will read this.

Grand Trunk Road ...To Baldi

Wow, such good news Polka fans of Polka Band Gobi. We just wrapped up our first ever polka festival in Baldi India. You just take the Grand Trunk Road somewhere to the north of Delhi and put your tuk tuk on the Grand Trunk and peddle away. As they say here, all roads on the Grand Trunk lead to Baldi. We were the headliners for the festival and this is going to be a yearly tradition I am sure. The food was great ( take a look at the delights
brewing). Next year we plan to have more polka acts than us. We realized that we need to have a polka club to teach people to do the polka as not too many in the audience knew how to polka, so that is our next plan.
from Yashi

Friday, September 19, 2008

Club Timings

I am sure everyone has heard of “Tusker's Bangla Sahib Road” in New Delhi a very famous night club that really has a scene. It is big and many many people come to hear the music. Well…we played at a place just like that, only smaller. We played last night at a place called “ The Timings”. We polkaed the house up and our fan base is really building. I need to let you know that the name we have now for our band is the Polka Band Gobi and we can all thank Kumar for this as he is a very wise man. As I was telling Kumar in a letter his advice reminds me of my uncle Wujek. When I was a very young man and when I was helping my uncle Wujek with the cabbage harvest and when I would sit on his knee, Wujek would say to me, he would say,” Yosh, there are people who march to the beat of the Polka and there are those who march to a different beat of the Polka.” He said something else about that , but that was long ago and I was young and I forget what it was. I guess it means you want someone who “hears” the polka and Kumar sure hears the polka. I hear the polka and so does Kumar.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Poster for Polka Band Gobi

Yamya is so happy to be on our Polka Band Gobi Poster. This will sure to bring many people to see us an hear our wonderful polka music

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One of biggest fans of Polka Band Gobi

Yamya brought her sister and nephew to one of our concerts. We did a concert in the park for everyone . You can see how happy the nephew was to meet big polka stars like Yosh and Stan

Monday, September 15, 2008

Update from Yashi

I can tell to you and you would not be surprised I am sure from all the requests for information that have come to me asking for information on what the heck is going on with Polka Band Gobi (formerlyThik Polka). My nephew Lucky, has been forwarding messages to me and he let me know that Cheektowaga and Tonawanda are missing Thik Polka, the band. As you know we are in New Delhi ( this is in India) playing polka gigs all over the place. We met with Yamya a very famous sitar player and she joined the band so now when we do our polka music, the blending of the accordions and sitar is just so…magical ( you could imagine this I am sure).
We are so so lucky, as the phrase goes, for when we settled into India this very famous chef asked us to play in her restaurant and we bring the house down with our polka music and we get to live here too! The weather was oh so hot so our lederhosen went away and we now have full cotton lederhosen and this is so much better. And no more with the cabbage rolls! We now only eat vegetarian cabbage rolls and the chef lady makes them special for us and I think it is a hit with the crowd that follows us too. I will have to tell to you how you do vegetarian cabbage rolls. You get this bread stuff and roll cabbage in it, add some curry and there you go. It has some secret herbs and spices, I think so. Next letter I will let you know how our fan club is building up and the music we are playing. I have heard from a Khuresh Kyryl of Tuva ( a country close to India somewhere, north I think) and he is a throat singer. I have heard him throat sing on the internet and I think, yes I do, that this man will play a key part with Polka Band Gobi and our search for the perfect polka. Maybe he will join us when we play the Taj . That would be very nice, we just need to work out the timings for this.
Yashi , over and out

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kumar interested in being manager

Kumar, I gave the cook your message

Dear Mr. Yoshi and Mr. Santooh,

You hire and pay me? I make fine manager of thik polka. I work for you only fair salary. Kindly clear me of my doubt. We can conduct meeting soonest convinence and work on details. Convey my greetings to vaitress at restraunt. Ok? Ok? Best,Kumar

She wanted me to personally thank you for the greetings Kumar and wanted me to send to you her photograph.


Monday, September 8, 2008

I heard from Kumar

I heard from Kumar today, he is in Mysore and he has a strong, very strong interest in being the manager for the band. We make so many hundreds ( that is right...hundreds!) of rupees a day
so it will not be a problem to work out arrangement with Kumar. We need to still need to meet with Kumar in Mysore. Wanted to update the fans

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Playing the Polka in Delhi

It is going so well today. We have a place to stay and play. You know that place where we first played the polka and had our first meal when we arrived in Delhi...well we live here. This is where the band plays and where we stay and where our poster is shown. And this fine man says he wants to be our manager. This is good

Friday, September 5, 2008

Most newest member of Polka Band Gobi

From Yosh, now called Yashi used to be called Yosh writing from New Delhi . I need to bring my worldwide fans up to the date of now. You know us as Yosh and Stan as,” Thik Polka” the Polka Band of renown and you have always known us as Yosh and Stan.
We were world known as Thik Polka but now since we are in India with our Polka band of renown we are Yashi and Santosh and even better news for everyone, it does get even better. We now have a new member of the band and a new name. No longer Thik Polka we are now Polka Band Gobi and we now have a new member that makes 3(three) which means we are now a trio. So when we do our Polka playing we have a band member that plays with the sitar. Oh the sounds that blend with a sitar and an accordion….so …mellow… or some word like that. Her name is Yamya and this means “light” and she does light up the stage. Her photo is here. She does like the polka.

The best tea in all of the world

Yosh again. Our second day in Delhi we came across this tea man and we had the best cup of tea ever. We told him about our polka band and as you can see, he was a very very happy man.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pretty close to best food in all the world

Yosh reporting in. Our first day in New Delhi went well. We found accordions in this great bazzar place and had our first meal at this restaurant. We played a polka and got a free meal from these wonderful ladies. And we found the greatest drink, just like Kumar said...this orange diet fanta is the best.